Final Medical Clinic on Friday

Well, yesterday was an amazing day with much rejoicing for everyone who accepted Christ yesterday. Everyone is excited for shopping today but we are also feeling sadness as our wonderful time seems to be coming to an end. We have quickly become a close-knit family like group. As the jokes fly and giggles are inevitable, we have been having ‘mountains’ of fun.

Friday’s medical clinic was about five minutes from the Pacific ocean and it was a refugee village. The coast was beautiful with sugar cane, coffee, and many pretty plants. When we arrived at the church we would be working out of, it was humid and hot. We all joked that we were getting a pore cleansing due to the profuse sweating we were experiencing. After we set up we waited for the families.

We saw more unhealthy people than we did in our last village but we were thankful for medicine to help them. The children were incredibly respectful and after they colored their pictures, they surprised us by either asking for another coloring page or finishing up the picture, handing us the crayons, and giving us the pictures like a gift. They also gratefully accepted their mission balls and had fun laughing at the ‘gringos’ soccer skills. We painted many women and children’s nails while enjoying our challenge in trying to use our Spanish skills.

When we began the Jesus film, many people gathered around and were captivated by the video. Afterwards we sang and the testimonies began again. Todd began with a touching message, Brady moving all of our hearts, with Maria speaking from the heart afterwards. Then Kaysha touched us all with her testimony and Terry finished with a touching testimony. Then we sang ‘Agnus Dei’ and Pablo began to move the villagers hearts with his message. When the altar call came, almost everyone went forward. The few that were left, we pray will soon come to know the love of Christ and experience all of God’s blessings that are just waiting for them. We rejoiced with all of our new brothers and sisters in Christ and cannot wait to see our wonderful siblings in a better place someday.

After the ‘service,’ Sherry was holding a child that was very sick. He had been experiencing diarrhea with a parasite, most likely. We prayed over him and there is hardly a doubt in our minds that our amazing God, which has worked miracles this week, will heal our darling little boy and bless him in many ways. We are trusting the great physician to do what medicine cannot.

Overall we had a wonderful evening and wish we could go back to the village (minus the sweating) for they were amazing people that touched our hearts as much as we touched theirs.

Again, thank you for all of your prayers, we have felt them. Please pray for safe travels and we are so thankful for our powerful prayer warriors. We hope that you know how much we appreciate you!

God Bless!

Emily Jo


Thursday: Amazing Medical Clinic One

Well, we celebrated with one entire village in the fact that we are beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ now! Yesterday was an amazing day filled with good tears, love, the Holy Spirit, helping others, building relationships, and so much more. We had an hour and a half drive to a village in the mountains. No one had been there since 2009 so we were a little unsure of what to expect. When we arrived, we set up at a beautiful school on the edge on the mountain. It had an amazing view and we had a gorgeous day. Some of us had to endure the back of the van, but we all survived and stayed healthy.

After everything was set up, some of us began in the medical clinic, and others began touching the lives of the families outside of the clinic. The children were absolute sweethearts who loved coloring, snuggling, and playing with their gospel filled soccer balls. We saw multiple families come through the medical clinic and many were helped. We also had fun hanging out while packing blessings into bags that would help the health of village members coming through. It was a fun afternoon.

At about seven, the sun was setting and we began the Jesus video. It was awesome to see everyone captivated by an amazing story that could change their lives. I had fun watching it because there were at least three little girls and one little boy who snuggled up next to me and intently watched the movie. Others had children in their laps or adorable kids surrounding them, watching the Jesus film.

After the video, we all congregated on our “stage area” and sang two songs. Then we began testimonies. They were amazing to say the least. Lee began with an awesome testimony and Josie followed with nothing less amazing to say. Then Cal gave a touching testimony and I gave mine. After all of the blessed testimonies, there wasn’t a dry eye in the group. The devil seemed to try and use the dogs to work against us, but by the end, he was plum beat and it was silent.

Hermano Jesus preached an unbelievable message and when he gave the alter call, almost all of the families went forward. There was only about one couple that didn’t accept Christ as their LORD and Savior. It was absolutely amazing and there are no words to explain the power within the area that we were inhabiting. The Holy Spirit was pouring out His love and we were rejoicing over the amazing victory for Christ!

It was an amazing night and there was lots of rejoicing in heaven as we welcomed our new brothers and sisters to the amazing blessings that only the LORD can provide.

Thank you for all your prayers and please keep them coming as we have another battle tonight. Your prayers have blessed us in many ways and to say that the victory was only our prayers, would be a lie. I hope whomever reads this is having a wonderful day and I hope that you know how much your prayers mean to us!

God Bless!




Hello Everyone!

Well, heaven is beyond celebrating our 26 new followers in Christ! God was fighting for their wonderful souls right beside us all day. The devil couldn’t even send in a huge thunderstorm, it only ended up in a nice drizzle. Every single household accepted Christ, and even a few extended family members.

Thank you for all of your prayers today, they were definitely felt! Our sickness seems to be going slowly uphill and, for me, God held off the sickness until after our dedication. We are all enjoying a beautiful evening while rejoicing in being able to see our families accept Christ, and someday seeing them in heaven! I think it isn’t an understatement in saying that we all felt God’s love in new ways and that we all experienced something truly amazing. Walking with our God and battling on the front lines was tiring but amazing! We fought the good fight and the devil could barely get through.

One amazing story of my day was about a lovely lady named Francisca. Julian, Francisca’s son, is a leader in the village and he gave up his opportunity to have a Paradise Bound home in order to give it to his mother as a gift. Also, he was incredibly helpful and gave his life to Christ. His wife and his three children accepted Christ alongside of him today. It was amazing and awesome to see a village leader give his life to Christ.

Alex and Theresa were my family and they truly blessed us. When Alex and Theresa received their bibles, they treated it like gold. Alex was sucking up every word spoken and Theresa was right beside him in it. After they accepted Christ, we all celebrated, cried, and took turns holding their beautiful baby girl. Also, Alex was eager to have her in his arms. It was awesome to see a loving father that just couldn’t wait to get his little girl back into his arms. They were an amazing little family that left us all in tears.

When we arrived at Catalina’s house, she was kind of defiant. As we prayed for her and asked God to bring down her walls, He answered and she ended up accepting Christ along with her son. It was amazing and although it was truly a battle, God still prevailed and gave us a truly amazing victory.

In our large home with eight family members, there were some difficulties but God walked us through and it was amazing. Everyone was singing, praying, and reading scripture. The house, like the others, was so alive with the Holy Spirit that it just radiated off of everyone and it was felt throughout the group. It was amazing and there are no real earthly words to describe it.

Our home of four accepted Christ, but the battle was truly felt. I felt that we were losing the battle and there was truly a spiritual warfare. We were all praying and constantly putting our hands on different walls while praying for our friends inside. When they accepted Christ there was a wonderful feeling within me and I realized that the devil was attempting to mislead me in the battle. Guess what, he lost!

Overall, today was absolutely wonderful and beautiful both spiritually and emotionally. Again, we thank you for all of your prayers and they were truly felt. We were all on the front lines today and everyone, even in the United States, had amazing victories.

Thank You Everyone and God Bless!



Spiritual Battle

Hello All!

I am asking all of our prayer warriors to take action today. It was a rough night and between a giant cockroach, a fever, a person almost throwing up, and someone putting a toothbrush in their mouth after running it under the water, we are really feeling the need for your prayers. Today is a huge day and we need all the help and support. Currently, we are feeling a little overwhelmed by the Devil’s powers and today we dedicate our homes. So please help us all and pray along with us today for our families to accept Christ and for health.

God Bless!



Today was another day of house building. We woke up this morning, and a bunch of people were sore from the day before, but it was all okay! After we got to the village this morning, we sanded and mudded the interior of our houses. After that, everyone started stuccoing together. We started with the house that was at the top of the hill, and we worked our way down to the bottom of the hill. After stuccoing, we had a wonderful lunch of tostadas with chicken salad or guacamole on them. After lunch, we went to our respective houses and painted the the interior. When they dried, we painted Bible verses and pictures (flowers, crosses, hearts) on the walls. It rained some while we were in the village, but we made it back to base safely! Thank the Lord!! Tomorrow we will be dedicating the houses that we built. Thanks for all your prayers that you are praying, and please keep on praying for our team.